About Us

We pursue mutual growth with customers through
continuous and infinite value creation.

Since its establishment in 1972, DYNAMEC Inc. has been manufacturing
and assembling precision parts with various metal forming and machining methods.
Through continuous investments, especially in research, it has ensured DYNAMEC
to advance autonomous design capacity and high precision engineering on various products
With our valuable partners, DYNAMEC will continue its efforts to achieve
innovations in technologies and uncompromising quality. Striving to remain at the forefront
of its competition, DYNAMEC will continue its best performance in professionalengineering
based on eco-friendly management.



Creating New Value

By 2012, DYNAMEC welcomed the 40th anniversary of the company's foundation and looked back upon its path of challenges with various technical innovations. With the 40 years of valuable experience, DYNAMEC steps forward to be the world's most reliable manufacturer.

BMW, VW, Fiat, GM, and Hyundai, Kia certified DYNAMEC as their trustworthy partner for brake components as 50 million units produced in DYNAMEC own production line in a year.

Moreover, DYNAMEC continues to reinforce R&D capacities to create new value and tackle the new challenges of automotive technology, fuel efficiency and weight reduction.

  • 2010.05 Launched large size parking gears for 8-Speed A/T
  • 2011.09 Launched cold forging for shaft & flange of Electronic coupling
  • 2014.07 Launched new brake components for BMW via Mando
  • 2017.04 Opened headquarters and new facility in Yeonmu.


Expanding Business

The new millennium was the year for acceleration towards the global market for DYNAMEC.

DYNAMEC aggressively implemented global standards as an automotive components manufacturer. This effort resulted in acquiring the supply contract for Valeo Group's starter motor pinion and thrust spline.

DYNAMEC’s innovations and unprecedented application of forging technology brought a shift of higher and more efficient standards on various automotive components manufacturers who depend on machining methods for their product designs.

  • 2001. 07 Launched Starter Gear for Valeo Group.
  • 2005.03 Began supplying Powertrain parts to GM.
  • 2009.09 New product line-up for ROWC Outer race (6-Speed A/T).
  • 2009.11 Changinged the company name from Dong yung to DY MEATALWORKS


Innovation and Growth

Professional engineering at DYNAMEC ensures the highest and most outstanding methods for improved applications.

In 1991, DYNAMEC introduced cold forged bevel gears to the domestic market for the first time and drew large customer notice as a reliable partner.

In 1997, DYNAMEC successfully paved its way to secure the position as a global supplier by establishing the Tianjin, China facility.

This facility became DYNAMEC outpost to respond to various customers' needs, including Samsung Electronics, seeking for local partners in the Chinese market. The "challenge" has been our drive and motivation to be a global supplier for worldwide industrial market needs.

  • 1991.09 Localized the first cold-forged differential gear in Korea.
  • 1997.04 Established Dong Yung China for China local market.
  • 1999.08 Launched heavy duty components for Federal Mogul in USA.


Enhancement of Technology

DYNAMEC has always aimed to further advance technical improvements and organizational management systems to strive at being a professional manufacturer of industrial components.

In 1985, DYNAMEC began supplying VCR head drums to SAMSUNG which led to manufacturing opportunities for JVC, Toshiba, renowned global VCR manufacturers. Starting in 1986, a new facility for starter motor solenoid switches allowed DYNAMEC production know-how and technical experience to accumulate, which would later be applied to the automotive industry.

In the late 80’s, DYNAMEC continued to innovate in manufacturing methods and process design by opening R&D Center to accomplish the advanced precision forging technologies.

  • 1985. 05 Launched VCR head drum for Samsung.
  • 1986. 03 Established Electrical Parts Factory.
  • 1988. 03 Founded R&D Center.


The origin of Company

The bicycle was an icon of Korea in the 1970's. The populations usage of the bicycle as a daily mode of transportation rapidly grew through this period.

In 1972, DYNAMEC effectively answered the market’s needs by starting the first steps as a manufacturer of bicycle components including chains, brake assemblies, and hubs.

From 1979, technical experience and reputation gained from the bicycle business, expanded DYNAMEC criteria into supplying engine bearing caps and caliper pistons for the automotive industry. With specialized production lines and consistent quality management, sales of automobile components gradually increased.

  • 1972.11 Eastablished Dong Yung Industrial to manufacture bicycle components.
  • 1979.09 Launched automotive components(Engine components for Kia)


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